Wednesday Blues

As we get closer, and closer to the start of Spring Training 2011, there are new faces that we get to see as this season unfolds. One face, in particular, is Adrian Gonzalez.

While with the Padres organization, Gonzo was a leader, and one that many looked up to. Now that he is in a Red Sox uniform, he will still be that leading force. Gonzo, who is known to be a force at the plate, will thrive at Fenway Park, especially in key games against the Yankees and Rays.

''I would say I'm even-keeled in the sense where they're not going to see me get too excited about a win or certain things that might excite other people,'' Adrian said. ''They're not going to see me slap my helmet or yell stuff if I don't come through ... I'm going to be frustrated, but I'm not going to show it.


Gonzalez, who is recovering from surgery is expected to be at Fort Myers, FL today. Of course, he is limited to what he can and cannot do until he is fully recovered from the right shoulder surgery he had in the offseason.

Unlike last season, Terry Francona is looking forward to starting over once Spring Training begins.




One thing that Terry has to look at, is the starting line up. With amazing speed from Carl Crawford and Jacoby Ellsbury, and the power from Gonzalez and Kevin Youkilis, who knows what this line up will look like. Both Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia are coming back from a rough 2010 in which both players missed a lot of games.

With the signing of Bobby Jenks for 2 years, what will happen to Jonathan Papelbon? Many hope that he will bounce back from what was his worst season in the Majors, while others wish the Red Sox would just trade him away and have Daniel Bard work with Jenks so that he can be the future closer for Boston.


Newly signed relief pitcher Bobby Jenks worked out on the first official day of pitchers and catchers arriving to Fort Myers. 'This is a place I've wanted to play for a while. Once the opportunity came up, I had a chance to come here; I jumped right on it,' Jenks said.


Jonathan Papelbon spoke to reporters in what may be his last spring training in a Boston uniform.


Is it April yet?

Oh, and for those of you who don’t have snow in your front yards, the snow in mine is melting now, so if you want it, hurry up already!!


“Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.” – Yogi Berra



Have The Tides Turned?

In a recent article on, Yankees captain Derek Jeter said that “It’s our job to beat the Red Sox.”

Funny, because before it was the Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays who were saying that, and now, Jeter’s saying it. What does this mean for the 2011 Yankees? I have no idea, but I do know that they are trying to keep quiet, especially after the Jeter/Mariano Rivera contract decisions and the recent retirement of All Star pitcher Andy Petitte.

Well, enough about the Yankees for now.

One of the many things that have been discussed by the Red Sox this offseason was Jonathan Papelbon and whether or not he can bounce back from a shakey 2010 season. Pap was 5-7, 37 out of 45 saves and had an ERA of 3.90. Many fans don’t want to see him as a closer next season. Personally, I think he just needs to work a bit harder to become the same closer that we had in 2007. Daniel Bard is also another guy who I’d love to see in that closer spot.



In a recent interview, Jonathan Papelbon says that he’s ready for this season, and is confident that 2011 will be different.

I believe him. Heck, the guy’s already down in Fort Myers with Jon Lester… Personally, I would too if I wasn’t still in school. Have you seen this stuff that’s on the ground here? It’s insane!!



I’m sick of this snow!! Someone just take it away… It’s free!!

No takers? Fine, I’ll deliver it to Canada… The Toronto Blue Jays might like it better than the Red Sox!!

By the way…





That should probably say the World Series!!

Well, that’s all for today… Looking forward to a great 2011 season!!

Baseball’s future? Bigger and bigger, better and better! No question about it, it’s the greatest game there is!” – Ted Williams

Talkin’ 2011 Baseball

That’s right everyone, I’m back for another season of Boston baseball!! A lot has happened since last season, including the signing of Carl Crawford and the trade for Adrian Gonzalez.

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There was also the retirement of Andy Petitte, the Rays signing Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon, and the Hall of Fame announcing the class of 2011 inductees, which did not include Jeff Bagwell, who was drafted by the Red Sox, and traded to the Houston Astros.

Last season was one that we, as Red Sox fans, would like to forget. With the amount of injuries, and games being lost that should have been won, we can only hope that 2011 will be one for the record books. This team is going to be different, especially with John Farell going to the Toronto Blue Jays to be their manager and Mike Lowell retiring after the 2010 season.



We also lost a few players who were key to the 2010 ball club, like Adrian Beltre, who signed with the 2010 AL Champion Texas Rangers. With his departure, and Gonzo coming to Boston, that leaves Kevin Youkilis back in his original position at third base.

Going into Spring Training, Youkilis is ready to help the ballclub, no matter what. Since making is MLB debut in May of 2004, he has played 219 games at third base, and has a .966 fielding percentage at third base. As the stats show, he was made to play third. He has already won a Gold Glove for playing first, so it would be no surprise to see him win another, at third.

Following this season, there are a few players that might not return to Boston, and one of them might be right fielder, JD Drew. Now, you might be wondering why I’m bringing this up. Well, it seems like he won’t be around for Spring Training, due to his latest injury. It has been reported that he has discomfort in his hamstring, something that had him miss a good portion of the 2010 season, which led to a few rising stars to be called up, like Ryan Kalish, Daniel Nava and Darnell McDonald.


Oakland Athletics v Boston Red Sox


With Spring Training only 5 days away, Red Sox Nation is looking great, and back in business. As for news in other sports, the Boston Bruins are doing well, even without Marc Savard, the Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XLV, and the Celtics won yesterday.

Now, for a little motivation for this upcoming season-

“So I just want to thank God for allowing me the privilege and opportunity to wear this jersey, to play in this ballpark, to represent the city of Boston and to share so many memories with all of you.” – Mike Lowell


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